lonized Alkaline Drinking Water and
lonized Acidic Topical Water:


This is a transcript of a 13 Part Television Documentary Series

and shown on Japanese National TV in 1996


1. Prevent Food Poisoning from Bacteria

2. Electrolyzed Acidic/Alkaline Water in the Medical Field

3. Agricultural Chemicals Replaced by Water!

4. Diabetes and Miracle Water

5. Gangrene Cured by Strongly Oxidized Water

6. MRSA (Methecillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), Eradicated by Hyperoxidized Water

7. Wondrous Water Cures Atopic Dermatitis (Children's Atopic)

8. Wondrous Water Cures Atopic Dermatitis (Adult Atoptic)

9. The Key is Water for Agriculture

10. Stomach and Deodenal Ulcers Treated with Hyperoxidized Water

11. Hyperoxidized Water Effective as a Disinfectant

12. Sterilization of Dental Equipment to Prevent Infections

13. Organic Agricultural Method for Safer & More Delicious Produce.



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At the urging of the Japanese Minister of Health, a Japanese Public TV Station Created an Educational Documentary Series - which followed the recovery of a diabetic patient suffering from gangrene of the foot. The film follows the patient, Mr. Abe, from Day One through his complete rehabilitation. The conversation with the doctors went as follows:

"The doctor at the first hospital told me that they had to amputate my foot and the toe on my other foot. If l lost both, I wouldn't be able to work or walk, so I left that hospital':

Mr. Abe was fortunate to know a reporter on the staff at the TV station who took up his cause and helped by directing him to a hospital using the Ionized Water treatment.

Mr. Abe says, "The water makes me feel light and l am in good shape. Now I think I can work after being released from the hospital and am looking forward to that "

Mr. Abe once considered committing suicide thinking there was no chance to save his foot. "My leg would have been cut off, if it would have been two days later. It might have been hell, but now I will be able to work again after I get out of the hospital. I used to fake 16 units of insulin, but now doctors reduced it to IO units. I used to take only 1200 calories, but now I take 1600 and l feel just fine. As they give me more of the water, I feel better and better".


1. Prevent Food Poisoning from Bacteria
Announcer: "Today is the first of a series, and it's about food poisoning."

Reporter: "With the rise in temperatures, the most dangerous time for food poisoning is approaching."

[on screen] Inspectors at the Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Inspector: "Hello, now that summer is almost here, we'd like to check the safety of your shellfish and get some samples from you."

Vender: "Sure, go ahead."

Reporter: "Market sanitation inspection officers are here at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo to check the sanitary conditions of the fresh shellfish."

Inspector: "I have some namamushi. One more sample. Let me take some trough shells."

Reporter: "A bacterium called vibrio is one cause of food poisoning. It likes salty water and thrives in the shellfish regardless of its freshness. So these inspection officers visit the market periodically to take samples of shellfish and to check the sanitary conditions. Food poisoning makes you very sick."

[on screen] Ambulance

Reporter: "There were 37,561 cases of food poisoning in Japan in 1990. Food poisoning causes vomiting, diarrhea, exhaustion, high fever, and headache. It is said that once food poisoning occurs, restaurants suffer loss of business for the next 10 years. So, they are very careful about it at this time of year."

[on screen]

Inspector: "Bacteria called vibrios live in ocean water. They attach themselves to fish and are taken to land in the catch. These are Salmonella. They can be found in the eggs and meat you purchase."

Reporter: "Other bacteria that cause food poisoning are Staphylococci and Colon bacilli. They are also found inside our bodies and can multiply if conditions are right."

[on screen] Five petri dishes: Top left: Salmonella Top right: Staphyiococci

Center: Vibrios Bottom left: Colon bacilli Bottom right: Cereus

[on screen] Scene of people dining at a wedding reception

Reporter: "If the bacteria that cause food poisoning are hiding in the food, this kind of party will not be a very fun experience in a couple of more hours. However, there is no need to worry any more. Strong disinfectant water can now prevent food poisoning."

[onscreen] Nihonkaku

Reporter: "This is Nihonkaku, located in front of Higashi Nakano Station in Tokyo. Here, wedding receptions for 14 couples can be held at the same time. The staff can serve up to 3600 people, preparing over two tons or food a day, including vegetables, meat and fish."

[on screen] Cooks inside the kitchen of Nihonkaku

Cook: "One hundred percent of the food brought into Nihonkaku has some kind of bacteria on it. So, we have to eliminate the bacteria entirely before we start to prepare the food."

[on screen] Water faucets in the kitchen at Nihonkaku, sixteen faucets with very strong disinfectant water are set up. Raw meat, the cutting boards and everything else is washed with this water.

[on screen] Mr. Ryuichi Ishizuka, Director of the Cooking Dept. at Nihonkaku

Nlr, Ryuichi Ishizuka: "We've been using this hyperoxidized water for washing for about seven months. The bacteria that cause food poisoning have been eliminated. We tried to get rid of these bacteria before, but we were not able to do so completely. Now, as long as we use this disinfectant water, we will be safe."

[on screen] Mr. Nomura of Nick World with two sets of petri dishes

Mr. Nomura: "The easiest way to find out whether there is bacteria or not is to culture them in agar. The colored petri dish contains Colon bacilli and the non-colored one another type of bacteria. A sample culture is taken from a woman' s hands before and after washing. Samples were also taken from the cutting boards and meat."

[on screen] Four petri dishes 24 hours later

Mr. Nomura: "These are the results of the bacteria culture 24 hours later. A big difference is seen.

Left: Hands before washing. Right: Hands after washing."

[on screen] Two petri dishes

Mr. Nomura: " This is the result of the cutting board surface before and after washing. There is absolutely no bacteria seen."

[on screen] Dr. Matsuo of Miura Electronics, the inventor of the machine.

Dr. Matsuo: "First, tap water comes in this way. In order to electrolyte the water easily, we add some salty water which makes it conduct electricity better. Then direct current is applied to the water, and that is how electrolysis is done. When you perform electrolysis on water by adding salt and direct current to it, you can create alkaline water on the negative side and hyperoxidized water at a pH of 2.7 or lower on the positive side. When bacteria come in touch with the hyperoxidized water, they die.

Another condition that effects bacteria is the water's oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). The remaining chlorine and oxygen in the water also help to eradicate bacteria. In the kitchen at Nihonkaku, not even bacteria that causes food poisoning are present anymore."

[on screen] Six petri dishes From left: "Staphylococci, vibrios and Colon bacilli."

Dr. Matsuo: Top: "Before treatment by hyperoxidized water."

Bottom three: "After treatment; you can see that these contain no bacteria."

[on screen] A man at the reception being interviewed

Man: "Is it the water that does the disinfecting? I haven't seen the results of the water analysis, so I cannot really say anything."

Reporter: "Let's have you look at the world's first color laser microscope."

[on screen] Salmonella bacteria moving around

Reporter: "A drop of strongly oxidized (acidic) water is placed on the bacteria. The moment the water contacts the salmonella, they die."

[on screen] Salmonella

Right side: Before hyperoxidized water was added Left: After hyperoxidized water was added.

[on screen] Reporter/cameraman drinking hyperoxidized water

Reporter: "Drinking this water causes no harm at all to the body. Very mysterious water."

Reporter: "Here at Nihonkaku, after the dishes are prepared and ready to serve, the food wagon is covered tightly with plastic wrap to prevent the invasion of bacteria and stored in the refrigerator until serving time."

[on screen] Doors opening to newly weds

Reporter: "Now the wedding reception is in full swing. We hear the sounds of families and friends clapping as they welcome the newly weds. It sounds like noise from the disinfectant water that prevents food poisoning."

Announcer A: "This is great! This is real?"

Announcer B: "Yes, it is real. Normally when we talk about water disinfectant, we are talking about chlorine. But, if you can disinfect water with only water, problems such as the stringent odor and harmful side effects will be solved."

Announcer A: "Tomorrow, we will report on water that is widely used for medical treatment."

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2. Electrolyzed Acidic/Alkaline Water in the Medical Field
Announcer A: "Water electrolyzed into acid and alkali has proven to be effective in many areas."

Announcer B: "In our series featuring this so called miracle water, we look at how the water has been used in the medical field." "Athletes foot is a nasty fungal disease and painful condition. It is very difficult to cure. Many people suffer from athletes foot after wearing shoes for long periods of time, but athletes foot can be cured by electrolyzed water."

Reporter asking a patient: "Do you believe that it is just water that is used in the treatment?"

Patient: "No, I don't believe it."

Reporter: "Do you feel any pain in the infected part?"

Patient: "No, I don't."

Reporter: "This is Kyowa Hospital located about forty minutes from Kobe station. At the hospital athletes feet, hands and bed sore are treated only with water. The doctor says that, unless there is infection, the troubled part will heal completely. It is necessary just to irrigate and apply a bandage. The treatment of this injury, caused in a motor bike accident, was just dipping it in the water for fifteen minutes."

Reporter: "Did you think the water was a disinfectant solution?"

Patient: "Yes I thought so at first, but later I learned that it was just acidic water."

Reporter: "How did you feel about that?"

Patient: "Well, I doubted it would heal the injury."

Doctor: "Don't worry, the water has an excellent sterilizing effect."

The director of the Kyowa Hospital, Sosuke Kawamura says: "The electrolysis of tap water produces alkali water at the cathode and acid water at the anode. We are using the acid water after watering it down to a pH value of 2.6. This high acid water kills fungus, mold and bacteria although perhaps that may seem hard to believe."

Reporter: "You can see at how the bacteria actually died using this laser color microscope, the first to be developed in the world. As you can see, moving here is spirilla bacteria which is similar to a bacteria that causes syphilis. Acid water is poured over it, and as soon as the water covers the bacteria, they stop moving.

Bacteria such as spirilla and many others can only survive in an environment with a pH value of between 3 and 4. Acid water has a pH value of 2.6, which kills everything. The oxidization reduction electrical potential and chlorine and oxygen also help kill these bacteria."

This doctor says: "We don't use antiseptics, we use electrolyzed water. One of the patients allowed us to take pictures of his bed sores and how it has healed. It worked right down to the bone.

Bedsores even this bad are healed by using the water, it works better than any medicine. Electrolyzed water works better especially for bed sores."

Reporter: "We visited Akashi hospital to look at some of the promising results."

The Doctor there says: "Without using disinfectant, ointment or intravenous drip infusion only electrolyzed water for treatment for two weeks there has been no infection, the surface of the ulcer has been recovering drastically, the recovery process seems extremely good, it is very surprising. It is amazing."

Reporter: "While making the report in the hospital, this reporter was told that after giving patients alkaline electrolyzed water, the patient feces becomes odorless. Going into the sick rooms, despite the fact that many patients were wearing paper diapers in bed, there was no fecal odor at all. The patients recovering rate was in fact so rapid that more and more patients are getting around in wheel chairs."

Announcer: "Because of the drastic changes at the hospital, even nurses and doctors are now taking the alkaline water home and drinking it themselves. Our reported went back to Kyowa Hospital to find out the additional advantages of alkaline water."

Nurse: "We boil alkaline water to use for making babies milk. All the employees here usually drink tea made of boiled alkaline water."

Reporter says: "I hear you don't catch colds?"

Nurse: "No, everybody here is fine because they all drink alkaline water."

Reporter: "In the hospital a machine from which patients can drink alkaline water was installed seven years ago. There are people who claim to have cured their scleroses of the liver or diabetes which are very hard to treat with western medicines, simply by drinking electrolyzed alkaline water."

This is Katsumi Nakanishi who recovered from sclerosis of the liver.
Mr. Nakanishi "I drank a lot of the water as I had a bad liver, and it was always burning. My figures went down and down. I am now well."

Shigeru Takahashi recovered from diabetes says: "I could not believe that the water could cure my disease in the beginning. I have been suffering from diabetes for fourteen years but with the electrolyzed water, I cured it."

Reporter: "What happens inside the body? We interviewed a doctor who teaches the effective use of this water on the body. Chief editor of the Water society."

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi: "You will have clean feces if you drink alkaline electrolyzed water. Electrolysis has the function of detoxifying or neutralizing toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia contained in the feces. You can see that this toxic substance will start to decrease as you drink the electrolyzed water. As a result you will have a healthier liver, the organ which has the function of neutralizing toxic substances in the body, and then your whole body will start to feel better since the functions of all the organs in the entire body start to improve."

Announcer: "Numerous diseases including high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers improve as a result of using this water. It is amazing that it has so many incredible results.

Tomorrow we will have another in the series on MICRO WATER."

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3. Agricultural Chemicals Replaced by Water!

Announcer A: "Again tonight we are reporting on a wondrous water. We reported that this water is very effective for medical use and for preventing food poisoning. The water is used as a substitute for agricultural chemicals as well."

Announcer: "We asked an agriculture expert what effects does it produce?"

Reporter: "A variety of fruits and vegetables are in this shop and all of them brightly colored. My favorite vegetable is the cucumber, but thinking of agricultural chemicals, I worry about the effects on cucumbers. An agricultural ministry survey shows that cucumbers are vulnerable to diseases especially those grown in a greenhouse which have to be sprayed often. Without chemicals only ten percent of the cucumbers survive."

Reporter: "However, we found a farmer in Oyamacee Tochigi Prefecture who grows cucumbers without using agricultural chemicals. They use water which is not harmful to our health but which does destroy mold."

Farmer: "This machine separates water into alkaline ion oxidized water. We put salt in the water and it is resolved by electricity. At the negative pole you get alkaline water and at the positive pole you get oxidized acidic water. This is done instantly."

"This oxidized water kills germs that cause cucumber diseases. One cucumber plant will yield nearly 100 cucumbers. These plants are suffering from mildew. But on this plant which was treated with acidic oxidized water, the bacteria have been destroyed. It is surprising that the white part suffering from mildew came off due to the sterilizing power of the water. The difference is very clear between the one treated with acid oxidized water and the other one. With oxidized water there is no resistance against mold or chemicals."

Cameraman Matsumoto, eating a cucumber treated with the water says: "If agricultural chemicals are used, I wouldn't want to eat it, but in this case, I decided to try it. Oh, it is fresh and delicious, it also smells good. We can eat these cucumbers with-out any worry even if they are uncooked."

Reporter: "Golf a favorite sport in Japan. On golf courses greens are produced using chemicals and this is causing problems. We conducted an investigation of agricultural chemicals used on golf courses in Chiba Prefecture two years ago and we found that an average of 2.4 tons of agricultural chemicals are used annually per eighteen hole golf courses, more than a 150 types of chemicals are used. Some kinds of agricultural chemicals remain in the soil for a long time, and in some cases they become a source of pollution."

This person says: "What I have picked up is ionized water it records a value of 2.6 pH. At Atsugi International Country Club, they have been trying to reduce the use of agricultural chemicals as much as possible by using strongly oxidized water. A lawn is infected by several kinds of germs, so lawns that are once beautiful can often die this way. If this happens on a golf course the value of the country club decreases. This difficult situation let to the idea of killing germs with strongly oxidized water created by electrolysis."

Akito Hirano: "Now we spray this strongly oxidized water once a week in warm weather, and when the temperature goes down we spray once or twice a month."

Reporter: "Why does this water kill the germs?"

Akito Hirano: "The germs which kill lawns can't live under a 3 pH level, given more strongly oxidized water they are destroyed. Furthermore, dissolved oxygen and dissolved chlorine will kill the germs."

Akito Hirano: "We are trying to cut agricultural chemical by 80 percent every year. In the near future we hope to dispense with all the agricultural chemicals by using this water."

Reporter: "Most pleased are the farmers who are freed from using agricultural chemicals. Look at this they work in light clothing, sneakers, aprons and jeans."

[on screen] Kazuko Akiyama, a farmerette, user of chemical free agriculture

Kazuko Akiyama: "Once I was so scared to work in a vinyl plastic hothouse, when I was pregnant, so I did my work just leaning in from outside, but now days we are safe."

Reporter: "We asked her to put on the working clothes she used in the days when they used chemicals."

Kazuko Akiyama: "I worked in this raincoat, rubber boots, gloves, sun visor and mask. It was hot and uncomfortable and that made the work even tougher."

Reporter: "Alkaline water produced from electrolysis is also utilized to grow crops."

Yuro Sasaki: "Alkaline water helps suck up nutrition from the soil as a result things grow bigger."

Hirotoshi Tamura Managing director of Yota Ba Kai co-operative: "At this time of the year farmers use agricultural chemicals once a week, but by introducing this method these farmers have not used chemicals at all so far, still delicious cucumbers are being produced. I am sure this method will be "THE" method for chemical free farming in the future."

"Because the water is highly acidic, you might be concerned about causing some bad effects, but according to the staffs experiments, the acid water will change into ordinary water in the soil."

Announcer: "We reported the story of the miraculous water in a three part story and while reporting we were startled by these wonders. The next report in the special feature about miracle water is coming up tomorrow."

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4. Diabetes and Miracle Water

Announcer: "In earlier programs we looked at electrolyzed miracle water that has been used in place of medicines and agricultural chemicals and it has proved very effective."

"Today we have another report concerning this miracle water. We have followed a diabetes patient who faced the possibility of having to have his leg cut off, he recovered and was able to walk again.

We have more from NNN Cameraman Matsumoto."

The diabetic patient: "Because you took up my story on your TV program, my life was saved, I can make a fresh start thanks to you."

Reporter: "One and a half months ago, Mr. K. Abe 56, cut his right toe on a piece of glass. He left the hospital where he was staying, and came to Kyowa Hospital in Kobe two days before the scheduled operation to amputation his foot. He found this hospital through a TV camera man."

Mr. Abe says: "The doctor at the first hospital told me that they had to amputate my foot and the toe on my other foot, if I lost both, I wouldn't be able to work or walk so I left the hospital."

Reporter: "Twenty days ago he entered Kyowa Hospital. The condition of his feet is getting better day by day, at first they were terrible. The color of the cells was dark, most parts were pussy and smelled terrible, both feet were infected with gangrene."

Mr. Abe: "This is the photo at the time I was first diagnosed compared to the more healthy left foot, the bone melted and became thin, this was caused by poor blood circulation and diabetes. This was the way it looked."

Reporter: "Reportedly, there are 5 million diabetics in Japan. Of those over 40 years old, about 1 out of 10 people suffers from this disease. Early on you can control your calories and take insulin pills to treat the disease, but when you are seriously ill, you have to take insulin shots to control your blood level. Mr. Abe was labeled a seriously ill patient."

Doctor: "To control diabetes we use insulin, but to control a locally infected part we use acidic water only. We use no antibiotics. To treat feet medically developed water with a pH of 2.4 and 1100 millivolts of deoxidized potential is used. This deoxidized electric potential water is very effective to control local infection and granulation, but it is not perfect. So first, we want to control diabetes by dosing with lots of electrolytic resolved water every day. We think effective treatment of gangrene can be achieved through such an improvement in the patients constitution."

Reporter: "They say the treatment of diabetics is possible using electrolytic resolved water or alkaline ion water, both of which are available to be made at home. Mr. Abe drinks five liters of water per day following the doctors directions. And he says he has been improving day by day."

Mr. Abe: "This water makes me feel light and I am in good shape."

Reporter: "What kind of water is this? I asked the hospital staff to analyze it."

Doctor: " Ordinary water is pH 7 and it's resolved potential is (plus) +330 millivolts. An alkaline solution of pure water and caustic soda is pH 8 and it's resolved potential is (plus) +200 millivolts.

Doctor: "A miracle water that Mr. Abe is taking is pH 8 and it's resolved potential is (minus) -238 millivolts. Is this water with a different electric potential have a good effect on Mr. Abe."

Reporter: "At last the great news Mr. Abe had desperately waited for was conveyed to him by Dr. Kawamura."

Mr. Abe asked: "It isn't necessary to cut of my foot, is it?"

Dr. Kawamura: "As things stand now, I don't think it will be necessary. Congratulations, your foot has been saved."

Mr. Abe: "Thank you, now I think I can work after being released from the hospital and I am looking forward to that. My leg would have been cut off, if it would have been two days later, it might have been hell, but now I will be able to work again after I get out of the hospital."

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi: "Diabetes is believed to be caused by insufficient secretions of insulin from beta cells in the pancreas. In modern medical science, an active enzyme called a free radical is said to be involved in insufficient secretions of insulin."

"In the human body there are neutrophils and t-cells fighting again viruses or malignant tumors. What is called active oxygen is fighting. After winning in the fight against a cancer, the enzyme which is called SOD will decompose residuals. But if there are too many residuals they stick to anything and damage cell membranes and nuclei because they are poisonous. It is said that diabetes is caused by this."

"The resolved water obtained by electrolysis extinguishes free radical active oxygen. They are released out of the body that is why Mr. Abe's diabetes and gangrene took a turn for the better."

Mr. Abe: "I used to take 16 units of insulin but they reduced it to 10 units, now. I used to take 1200 calories but now I take 1600. I feel just fine and as they give me more of it I feel better and better."

Reporter: "On the 45th day since Mr. Abe was admitted to the hospital, I happen to witness a scene, I doubted what I saw. Mr. Abe once thought about committing suicide because there was no chance he could save his leg, but I saw him leaving the hospital to go shopping with his sandals on."

Mr. Abe: "I think I am an exception that I didn't have my leg amputated, thought I suffer from diabetes I am surprised myself, over my recovery, it is really a miracle. I feel like I am having a dream when I walk down the street on my two legs, it's almost like floating in the air."

Announcer: "I was really surprised that a seriously diabetic patient recovered only using water."

"This concludes this segment on miracle water. We hope you enjoyed it. For further information about this water please contact the TV station NNN, please refrain from contacting the hospital just to get information."

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5. Gangrene Cured by Strongly Oxidized Water

Announcer: "When diabetes becomes serious, a person's feet can become severely infected. This condition is called gangrene. Tonight we will report on a case in which a man whose doctor determined that his foot would be amputated because of gangrene caused by diabetes was cured by strongly oxidized water."

[on screen] Gangrene infected toes.

Reporter: "This patient was told that his foot had to be amputated due to a condition caused by diabetes. His toes were infected very badly and he was cured by soaking his foot in hyperoxidized water twice a day. At the same time, he drank more than five liters of alkaline water daily in about four months, his toes recovered, as you can see, and are normal just like those of a healthy person."

[on screen] Two pictures of the same patient's toes

Right: "Seven days after he was admitted to the hospital Left: "Four months after his discharge from the hospital showing healthy toes."

Reporter: "Mr. Akihiro Ito (58 years old) heard about this water on a TV program called "Kyo no dekigoto" (Today's Events). He left the hospital where he was staying and moved to Kyowa Hospital located in the suburbs of Kobe."

Reporter: "Where exactly were they going to amputate your leg?"

Mr. Ito: "About this area."

Dr. Kawamura, head of Kyowa Hospital: "This discolored part of the leg was completely damaged by very poor blood circulation."

Reporter: "Mr. Ito's condition was severe. It almost sent chills down my back. Diabetes is very scary. Mr. Ito went to the hospital because he had blisters caused by his shoes. There he was treated with vasodilators, antibiotics and disinfectants. Doctors did everything they could, but the condition of his foot did not improve at all and only worsened. Finally, he was told that his leg had to be amputated."

[on screen] Dotted line on Mr. Ito's leg showing the proposed place for amputation proposed by the first hospital.

Reporter: "How did Dr. Kawamura treat Mr. Ito's foot?"

[on screen] Dotted line on Mr. Ito's foot showing where his toes were amputated

Reporter: "At Kyowa Hospital, they cut off only the part where all the cells were already dead."

Reporter: "I visited Mr. Ito at Kyowa Hospital two weeks later."

Mr. Ito: "I feel OK. I was expecting my leg to be cut off below the knee, but it turned out that only my toes needed to be cut off, so I shouldn't feel too bad.

Reporter: "It looks quite pitiful, but Mr. Ito himself is not feeling bad at all."

Mr. Ito: "To begin with, all the swelling is gone."

Dr. Kawamura: "The ideal situation is when all the infected parts are completely healed and the muscle has a chance to rebuild, then we don't have to cut off any more than this, and we can place a skin graft on top of the wound. That is the best."

Reporter: "Except for insulin to control his blood sugar level, Mr. Ito does not use any other drugs at all. To restore his damaged blood vessels, he drinks about five liters of alkaline water daily. This water is created by the electrolysis of tap water using the home electrolysis unit."

[on screen] Mr. Ito drinking alkaline water.

Mr. Ito: "The heavy feeling in my body seems to have gone away, too."

Reporter: "For treatment of his foot, he is using strong hyperoxidized water at pH. 2.5. He soaks his foot in this water for 15 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon."

Reporter: "I visited him in April and I was amazed to see how clean his foot was. It's hard to imagine how awful it looked before."

Mr. Ito: "See, even my toes are emerging."

Reporter: "Mr. Ito is now very light-hearted. He even jokes like this."

Mr. Ito: "I didn't use any drugs."

Reporter: "Dr. Kawamura talked about the skin graft."

Mr. Ito: "The skin just naturally grew over the wound."

Reporter: "By using only water, his skin and muscle regrew. It's amazing. Unbelievable. Now let us report on another patient."

[on screen] Another patient's foot with date (Oct 7, 1992)

Reporter: "As you can see, this is a pretty large area of infection caused by diabetes. By drinking alkaline water and soaking his foot in hyperoxidized water everyday, new muscles were rebuilt and skin naturally regrew. In about four months, the condition improved this much."

[on screen] Same patient's foot with date (Jan. 20, 1993)

[on screen] Dr. Kawamura

Reporter: "Another infection started at Mr. Ito's ankle and spread up to this area in the calf. It was caused by poor blood circulation. However, Mr. Ito is in good spirits."

Mr. Ito: "Once it starts to heal, it goes quickly. It's fun to watch it change."

Dr. Kameyama, Director of Dermatology at Kitazato Research Medical Center

Hospital: "If Mr. Ito's leg is really healing, this treatment is truly a surprise for us in dermatology."

Reporter: "Dr. Kameyama of Kitazato Research Medical Center Hospital visited Kyowa Hospital in May."

Dr. Kameyama: "We normally use vasodilators and muscle growth stimulants, but they don't work very well. Many patients still suffer despite these drugs. We want to try applying this water treatment by using not only hyperoxidized water but also alkaline water."

[on screen] Mr. Ito's leg

Reporter: "Mr. Ito left the hospital on July 2 and he is resting at home. It is the ninth month since he started water treatment."

Mr. Ito: "The second area of infection has been reduced."

Reporter: "Mr. Ito, isn't it nice to still have your leg?"

Mr. Ito: "Of course, it's better than becoming one-legged, or having no legs at all, like a ghost. Nothing is more wonderful than being able to walk using your own legs. They say that you can have an artificial leg, but it is different from your own leg."

[on screen] Home electrolysis unit

Reporter: "It is amazing that Mr. Ito's leg was cured to this extent by treatment with water. Being greatly encouraged by the progress, Mr. Ito increased the amount of alkaline water he drinks from 6 to 8 liters a day. Now he no longer needs to take insulin shots to control his blood sugar level."

Mr. Ito: "I started out taking 24 units of insulin a day, but now I don't have to take anything. No pills, nothing. My blood sugar level has stabilized between 100 to 110. It's been the same for two weeks. I don't have any problem."

Reporter: "Mt. Ito is now walking up the stairs."

Mr. Ito: "I don't need a cane any more. I feel great. It's all because of the water. Thanks to the water.''

Announcer A: "It's amazing."

Announcer B: "He had been told that his foot had to be amputated and now he can walk. An industrial electrolysis machine creates the strongly oxidized water that cures infections. Please note that the home unit cannot create this water.

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6. MRSA (Methecillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), Eradicated by Hyperoxidized Water

Announcer: "During a hospital stay, people can be endangered from exposure to MRSA (Methecillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), which is a serious and growing problem. Antibiotics do not work on MRSA. Tonight, we will report on the use of hyperoxidized water made by electrolysis to eradicate MRSA."

[on screen] In a hospital hall way

Mr. Muramatsu: "Stop the cart, please. I have to check it."

Reporter: "Mr. Muramatsu, clinical inspection technician, checks the food cart for the existence of bacteria."

Mr. Muramatsu: "To my amazement, MRSA was found on the wheels of the food delivery cart. So, we are conducting a follow-up check, and we haven't seen the bacteria so far."

[on screen] MRSA Staphylococcus

Reporter: "MRSA is multiple resistant Staphylococcus aureus on which antibiotics do not work. These bacteria are very vigorous and multiply on shoe soles, inside the human nose and mouth and on the palms of the hand. That's why they are checking the spread of the bacteria. When older people or those with weakened immune systems become infected with MRSA, it can cause pneumonia and heart palpitations. Since antibiotics do not work, some victims die. People who supervise elderly individuals at nursing homes are facing trouble. Hospitals and nursing homes are trying to find a way to deal with this situation."

[on screen] Electrolysis device

Reporter: "Hyperoxidized water created by electrolysis, which is tap water to which a small amount of salt is added and an electric current applied, was found to kill MRSA, and some hospitals have now acquired an electrolysis system."

Dr. Yoshiko Nakamura of Showa University: "We found that about 30 kinds of bacteria including MRSA and other A-4 types bacteria can be killed instantly by hyperoxidized water."

Reporter: "The disinfectant effect of this water has been confirmed from many different aspects."

Dr. Nakamura: "Both herpes and influenza viruses were killed instantly."

Reporter: "This machine was developed for medical use and is different from the one made for the home. This machine creates hyperoxidized water at a pH of2.5 and an oxidation-reduction potential of 1100 millivolts."

[ion screen] Graph (pH range of bacteria and viruses)

Reporter: "Why can this water kill viruses and bacteria? Let's look at this chart. The pink part shows the pH range in which viruses and bacteria live. When hyperoxidized water at pH 2.5 comes into contact with them, bacteria living in this range are instantly killed. Further, the oxidation reduction potential is an added element to kill a wider range of bacteria and viruses. The chlorine and oxygen in the water also help to kill the bacteria."

[on screen] Microscope

Reporter: "We want to see whether or not MRSA is really killed by this oxidized water. We are looking into a special microscope for examining water.

[on screen] Living MRSA

Reporter: "You can see small dots all across the screen. These are living MRSA Now we put in the hyperoxidized water."

[on screen] Instantly killed MRSA

Reporter: "The moment the water comes into contact with MRSA the cell membrane is destroyed and the bacteria are killed instantly."

[on screen] Nurse, washing hands

Ms. Moriguchi, head nurse at Nara Prefectural Medical School Hospital: "This is a bucket of hyperoxidized water for washing hands. Before and after treating patients, we wash our hands in this water.

[on screen] Inside ICU of Nara Prefectural Medical School Hospital

Reporter: "Hyperoxidized water is made available at the bedside of each patient, and nurses wash their hands with it often. The nurses are happy about not having dry hands from constantly washing the old way."

[on screen] Dr. Miyamoto

Dr. Miyamoto: "We did have problems with MRSA in this hospital, including in the intensive care unit (ICU), but since we started to use this hyperoxidized water and to wash our hands with it, MRSA infections have definitely decreased. The water has also prevented the spread of MRSA."

[on screen] Bucket of water

Reporter: "What is this?"

Janitorial Woman: "This is hyperoxidized water."

Reporter: "She's using oxidized water to clean the hospital floor. Cultures taken here at Iida Hospital in Nagano Prefecture have shown that MRSA has been completely eradicated by the use of hyperoxidized water."

[on screen] Iida Hospital in Nagano

Reporter: "The hospital holds 540 beds, and 2000 people a day enter and leave the facility carrying MRSA. The bacteria became a serious problem, causing apprehension among hospital officials."

Dr. Muramatsu, head clinical inspection technician: "MRSA is not detected now because MRSA and other bacteria are instantly killed."

Reporter: "Let's look at this slide. On the left side is hyperoxidized water. On the right is sterilized, distilled water. No MRSA is present on the mop soaked in hyperoxidized water. This hospital thoroughly examined the properties of hyperoxidized water and confirmed its effectiveness in eradicating MRSA. Now this type of water is used to disinfect the entire hospital."

[on screen] Surgery room in lida Hospital

Reporter: "This is Surgery Room No. 1 in the hospital being cleaned by hyperoxidized water."

Dr. Muramatsu: "If MRSA is carried into a surgery room, it can cause serious problems. We clean everything in the room with hyperoxidized water. The cultures taken have all been negative."

[on screen] Test tubes

Reporter: "Not only that, test tubes, dishes and toilets used by patients are washed with hyperoxidized water. Patients' sheets are soaked in hyperoxidized water for ten minutes prior to being mixed with other things and washed. This mixing doesn't cause any problem at all."

Dr, Ham, President of lida Hospital: "In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about this water, but I found it very effective. The only problem is that the government doesn't acknowledge the use of this water for health insurance purposes. The Ministry of Health and Welfare needs to recognize this water as a kind of drug. This water should be used in every hospital in the country. It will be very effective in preventing the spread of MRSA inside hospitals."

Announcer A: "It is amazing, isn't it? If you use an antiseptic solution to wash your hands, your hands get very dry. This water is really good news."

Announcer B: "Yes, indeed. The fact that you can effectively disinfect with this water without any side effects is wonderful. But the cost of using this water is not covered by health insurance."

Announcer A: "Also, we would like to remind you that you cannot create this hyperoxidized water with the home unit."

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7. Wondrous Water Cures Atopic Dermatitis (Children's Atopic)

Announcer: "It was found that atopic dermatitis - whose cause is unknown can be cured by the water. We will report on the amazing effects of this wondrous water."

Announcer A: "Now, it is time for our Special Report. Atopic dermatitis is an illness accompanied by intense itchiness. Its cause is unknown. It was found that this difficult illness is cured by water."

Announcer B: "We have been following patients with atopic dermatitis for six months and will now report on the amazing effects of this wonder water."

Reporter: "Atopic dermatitis is painful, causing young children to cry all night because of the intense itchiness. They scratch so much that sometimes they wake up to their sheets stained with blood."

[on screen] Father and child

Father: "My son gets itchy in the middle of the night and cries and scratches his body intensely. It happens every night. We can hardly sleep. So, we are deprived of sleep all the time."

Reporter: "In order to suppress the severe inflammation, doctors use adrenocortical hormones, or steroids. Even ifs patient recovers temporarily, the condition repeatedly comes back, and the long time use of large amounts of steroids causes a reduction in immunity, a lowering of the functions of the adrenal gland, cataract problems and other side effects. Recently, concerned parents of young patients have steered away from steroids. Now, this new water treatment has entered the spotlight many patients visit Akashi Hospital which is 5 minutes by car from Nishi Akashi Station of Shinkansen (Bullet Train)."

[on screen] Dr. Shinkai

Dr. Shinkai: "Recently many patients have turned away from steroids. They go to many different hospitals before finally ending up here."

[on screen] twins

Reporter: "Twin sisters Saki and Yu Matsubara visited Doctor Shinkai at Akashi Hospital. Their parents wanted them to be cured from atopic dermatitis without using steroids. Their bodies are red and covered with rashes."

[on screen] Dr. Shinkai and twins

Dr. Shinkai: "O.K., where do you want it next? How about your hands?"

Reporter: "For intense itchiness and inflammation, this strong hyperoxidized water of pH 2.6 which was especially developed for medical use is applied. And for curing atopic dermatitis from inside the body, patients drink alkaline water. Both types are created by electrolysis. You can create this water from an electrolyzer for home use."

[on screen] Twins, drinking high alkaline water

Dr. Shinkai: "Although I don't force my patients to drink more than they can, by merely drinking electrolyzed alkaline water everyday, the skin becomes really clean in about 3 to 4 months."

Reporter: "There is an unavoidable problem with this water treatment. When patients stop using steroids, they face withdrawal symptoms and the situation is rough for a while."

[on screen] Mr. Tomita

Reporter: "Mr. Tomita of Kyoto was told by Dr. Shinkai in detail about the withdrawal symptoms, so he was able to consent to the treatment of his one-year old son, Ryuki without hesitation."

[on screen] Ryuki

Reporter: "Look, the area around Ryuki's mouth used to be this bad, but now after five months of water treatment, it has gotten this clean."

[on screen] Left: While using steroids Right: Five months after beginning water treatment

Reporter: "None of the atopic dermatitis remains on his elbows or behind his knees. He now has his clean, transparent, infant skin back."

[on screen] Ryuki's grandfather

Grandfather: "It was really bad when the treatment first began. He was covered with blood. But the bleeding would stop when we'd wipe him with tissue paper soaked in that water we get from Akashi Hospital. I am just amazed that he was cured to this degree just by water."

[on screen] Bottles of high alkaline water

Reporter: "Akashi Hospital is sending electrolyzed alkaline and hyperoxidized water to patients at cost."

[on screen] Ryuki

Reporter: "Eleven months after he started water treatment, Ryuki was doing fine without any recurrence of the illness. He is now healthy enough to be able to eat eggs, which he had not been able to eat because they had previously been identified as allergens."

Mother: "Ryuki has a big appetite. He eats more than adults. He has a lot of energy now, is more active and has more facial expressions."

[on screen] Saki and Yu

Reporter: "It has been four months since Saki and Yu switched from steroids to water treatment. The redness has gradually subsided and the symptoms are improving. They have only mild itchiness."

Reporter: "Their mother purchased this equipment as soon as it was put on the market. This machine creates exactly the same highly disinfectant, hyperoxidized water as that created by the larger equipment for medical use. How much improvement can you see in their atopic dermatitis after treatment with these waters?"

Dr. Shinkai: Since August, I have seen about 2000 new patients. I think that in about 4 months, 80-90% of them will be cured, and if those who take a little longer are included, almost everyone will be cured."