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Alkalize Your Body: "Are 12 Minutes Worth an Extra 5 Years of Life?"

The question above is rhetorical - You know the answer - Sadly, the only time such a question hits home is when people don't actually have five years left because they have put their health on the backstage for many years prior.

I believe there is still hope despite any ailment being battled. Fighting is still an option. Or if you are healthy, congratulations. The question is the same, "Are 12 Minutes Worth an Extra 5 Years of Life or More?"


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alkaline waterIn 1998, after I bought an alkaline water machine, it wasn't too popular of an item, but I was excited because I had seen footage from Japan with all the clinical research helping so many people! I had read Sang Whang's book, "Reverse Aging" and he talked about how the Japanese and Koreans had been using alkaline water for decades. As a scientist, he scientfically explained in laymen's terms how alkaline water helps the body.

Over the course of the next 30 to 60 days, I drank 1/2 my body weight in ounces, and the first thing I noticed was my lower back pain minimized. I began sleeping sound and I didn't wake up in the middle of the night with extreme back pain or being uncomfortable. I ate food that I liked in moderation and I had no acid reflux or heartburn.


Why is an Acid and Alkaline Balance in Your Body Fundamental?


Because what happens at the microscopic level within our bodies; beyond the cellular level - at the atomic level. It's all about electricity, and about what happens to create energy in your body at the atomic level. It's about what doesn't happen, what should happen, and what will happen if you follow what Dr. Ben Johnson is saying in the video. Most people know they are too acidic, because of acidic foods, sodas, drinks, pollution, lifestyle, stress ... almost everything is acidifying.

Stop Drinking a Water Cocktail
We does it really mean to alkalize? Many think acidic water is just water with acidic minerals in it, and alkaline water is water with lots of alkaline minerals in it - sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium etc. But you can have acidic water with both acid and alkaline minerals in it; just more acids than alkalis, so it's not quite as simple as you may have thought.
Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Waters Aren't the Same

bacteria and disease Water filtration systems such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Distilled waters are acidic, they contain no healthy benefits or good minerals for the body.  If the pH is below pH 7.0 (neutral) it's acidic.  RO and distilled usually range from pH 3.0 to pH 6.9!

And a bit of science here...every water point lower or higher is a factor of 10! So if you drink water with a pH of 3.0 to 6.9, which most likely is in 95% of all bottled water, it is between 10,000 and 10 TIMES more acidic than a glass of neutral 7.0 water.  That is HUGE! 


Just think about this fact.  Fish cannot live in low acidic water. They will die. What makes you think drinking acidic water, void of minerals, will help you stay healthy? Answer = YOU Won't!  It includes distilled and reverse osmosis filtered waters.  RO and distilled waters are BAD for your health over long periods of time.


For those who love drinking carbonated sodas...the pH levels are between pH 2.5 to 4.5! That's up to 50,000 TIMES lower than a neutral pH 7.0 glass of water. It will take 32 glasses of water to neutralize the soda OR one glass of pH 11.0 water. With The Alkalizer, you can get alkaline water high as pH 11 and acidic water low as pH 3.0.


This can be proven. When you have acid reflux or heartburn, drink 3 glasses of distilled water or reverse osmosis water or soda. You will most likely still have acid reflux. Change it around, drink 3 glasses of alkaline water, your heartburn will be gone.


What is Ionized Alkaline Water?


When water has electrical energy, it causes the hydrogen within it to assume one of two forms. One is hydrogen that has a positive electrical charge. This water is 'acidic'. The other is hydrogen that bonds with an oxygen atom and becomes negatively charged. This is the building block of life itself, and chemically, it is in the form of hydroxyl ion (OH-). One oxygen atom, one hydrogen atom with this negative electrical charge. That's ionized water.

In both forms, these ions or atoms, now have the capability to precipitate chemical reactions of other minerals in water. Health and longevity is helped by that you say? Nothing happens in our bodies without a chemical reaction. And every chemical reaction only happens when the 'electricity' between just two atoms is compatible. Yes, we are a chemical organism - by courtesy of electricity.

At the molecular level, way beyond the cells, trillions of electrically uniting and repelling is going on every millisecond of your life. It's as if you are an electrical reactor, and it's happening right now in your body, it always has, and it continues until the balance of acid and alkaline reactions - the battle between them - is over.

So, ionization creates a strong, negative charge, OH- known as Redox Potential or reduced, which is a low Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).  The lower the better for drinking purposes because there are literally millions of negative electrons in low ORP water which are the antioxidants to help the body against free radicals.

What is Water pH and Hydrogen All About?

pH means "power of Hydrogen", it is a measure of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It's about the amount of hydrogen atoms present or absent from a solution. Acidic water contains more hydrogen ions (H+) and alkaline water contains extra hydroxyl (OH-) ions.

Why is this so critcal? pH can either be life giving or toxic to animals, fish, and humans. Therefore maintaining a proper pH is what fuels us and provides you power for life!

Tap water contains many ions; some ions are desirable (like calcium and magnesium which are good for teeth and bones) and some ions are less desirable, like chlorine and ammonia.

Water ionizers, through electrolysis, separate the bad ions from water while concentrating its essential alkalizing minerals, creating a strong, alkaline water without adding a thing to it!

Alkaline, ionized water tastes great, is healthy, and eliminates the need to purchase bottled water.


The Highest Quality Water Ionizers on the Planet!

Athena Alkaline Water Machine

The Athena ionizer not only purifies the water that have contaminents such as chlorine and chloramines, with a revolutionary Biostone Filtration System that has 9 stages of filtering media to clean the water and prepare it for ionization, making it the finest and most effective filtration available in any ionizer.

checkmarkUsing proven, traditional treatment techniques, we have specific products available for removal/reduction each of the following contaminants: 

  • Arsenic/Lead/Fluoride
  • Chloramines  
  • Heavy Metals  
  • Hydrogen Sulfide  
  • Nitrates  
  • Iron  
  • E-Coli and Cyst    
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Virtually all known contaminants (Reverse Osmosis with a remineralization cartridge)  

The ionizer separates, removes, and neutralizes the acidic minerals and bacteria in the water when it goes through the machine. 

The water is one-half the size of regular water which makes it more permeable for the body to use.  This enhances the vitamins and minerals and the food you eat already taking to help them get to the cells

The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is very low (-800 to -400) which helps to detoxify the body by cleansing the Liver, Kidneys, and Colon daily.

Through electrolysis, the Athena alkaline water ionizer adds millions and millions of negative electrons (antioxidants) into the water helping the body to neutralize the free radicals in the body.

checkmarkISO 9001 Certified - High Quality Management System for Design and Development, Production and Servicing Cold and Hot Water Dispensers, and Medicated Water Electrolysis Apparatus

checkmarkISO 14001 Certified - Safe Environmental Practices and Management System for Design and Development, Production and Servicing Cold and Hot Water Dispensers, and Medicated Water Electrolysis Apparatus

checkmarkUL/CSA Certificate of Conformity - Products Evaluated by an accredited laboratory to the applicable CSA and UL Standards

checkmarkIndependent Laboratory Report - Alkaline Water Ionizers compared in a controlled laboratory environment, with calibrated equipment, and conducted by a independent PH.D. who really understands what he is doing.

Ionways Athena
Ionways Melody
Enagic leveluk SD501
KYK-9040 Harmony
Lifeionizer 5000N
Rettin-tyent MMP-5050

checkmarkLifetime Warranty - The IonWays Lifetime warranty covers the ionizer for LIFE on
all parts (bumper to bumper). 100% of the labor costs and shipping (both ways) are covered in the first 5 years. After 5 years, the purchaser is responsible for any labor costs and the shipping to return the ionizer to us. Labor is billed at $60 an hour to a maximum of $199 per occurrence. Average repair time is less than one hour. Minimum charge is $60. IonWays pays for shipping back to you.


Alkalize Your Body pH

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